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The story behind the Strokin logo...
After 8 years and several versions later, we've finally trademarked a brand that represents the players and the game. The word Strokin itself represents the flow state of being in the zone. The positioning of the classic caligraphy was chosen to represent grace and balance of mind and body while in stroke. Notice the cue stick in the letter "T" and the cue ball in the letter "I" as if this logo was alive in motion for the shot. The loop in the letter "K" personifies the closed-finger bridge. Also notice the eye in the loop which signifies envisioning the shot.
It's important that our logo design has a universally appeal to both men and women so that the brand can be proudly be worn inside as well as outside of the pool halls. We hope the you love it as much as we've enjoyed creating it!
- Strokin Billiards / Get In Gear!
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